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Q How do I pick paint colours for my home interiors?

Asian Paints offers colour combination books which help in selecting colours for home based on spaces & type of interior. One can also visit the nearest experience store in their city to meet a colour expert who can give customized solutions.

Q What is Asian Paints Ezy Color Service?

With Asian Paints Home Painting Services we offer a complete painting service called Asian Paints Ezy color service where we provide expert consultation about our products and services. We undertake complete painting jobs from start to finish. Our painters and contractors are trained to provide only the best finish.

Our Asian paints Associate will visit & inspect your house. He will suggest the products you could use & provide a rough estimate based on the products and the surface to be painted i.e. the pre-painting procedure that needs to be carried out. After you have agreed upon an estimate, our trained applicators shall take care of the entire painting process.

Q What are wall decals?

Wall decals are easy to apply ‘peel and stick’ wall stickers that can be applied to a variety of surfaces including walls, cupboards, doors, refrigerators & even your laptops. Depending on the pack, each decal set comes with a number of peel & stick wall stickers that you can mix and match to create beautiful patterns.

Q Can you use spray paint with stencils?

We would not recommend using spray paints with stencils because spray paints are not viscous enough to get sharp imprints.

Q Are Royale Play series water-based or solvent-based?

Special Effects, Royale Play Safari, Royale Play Metallics, Royale Play Special Effects and Royale Play Dune are all water-based paints.

Q What is the difference between emulsions and distempers?

Both Emulsions & Distempers have a few similarities as both are durable, and offer a wide range of shades to choose from. But some clear differences are that Emulsion paints give a silky and smooth finish to your walls, are more durable and long lasting, in addition to offering a wider range of shades to choose from.

Q What is the difference between regular and premium emulsions?

All emulsion paints give a smooth finish and soft feel to the wall. They come in lovely shades and are long lasting. Royale is the most premium emulsion. It looks better on your walls whist imparting a mild shine to the walls, that gives your room a silky and classy look. With the right lighting, your walls will appear to glow.

Q What is the difference between solvent-based and water-based paints?

Water-based paints are diluted with water, while solvent-based paints are diluted with solvents like Mineral Turpentine Oil (MTO). Emulsions are water-based paints while enamels, lustre and matt finishes are solvent-based paints. Emulsions look better on walls and are ideal for drawing rooms. Solvent-based paints are ideally suited for kitchens and bathrooms since they are water-resistant. Enamels are used on wood and Metals.

Q What are primers and putty?

Primers and putties are applied on the paintable surface before the final paint is applied. Before you apply putty or primer you have to sand the wall with sandpaper. Putty is a kind of paste prepared for applying on walls to fill in any minor dents or to level the surface. Since putty is absorbent, a coat of paint applied directly over it would lead to the paint being absorbed unevenly, leading to patches. A primer layer on top of the putty is a must. It takes away the unevenness caused by putty and the final paint comes out perfect. Thus, you get both protection and good finish.

Q Is there a discount on asian paints products?

We do not retail our products directly. You will have to purchase the paints from our authorized dealer, and for any discounts, it’s the dealers discretion. Please note the pricing is done in such a way that the larger quantity you buy, the lesser you pay in proportion.

Q Are all paints washable?

Royale, Apcolite Emulsion, Tractor Distemper, Apcolite Lustre, Apcolite Matt and all the enamel paints from Asian Paints are completely washable. They give a good finish to walls and can very easily clean any dirt or stains.

Q Can we purchase the tools from dealers?

Yes, Royale Play paint and tools are available at our select dealer outlets and you can buy the same from them. (For the cities of Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Goa, Mangalore, Vijaywada, Cochin, Calicut & Trivadrum. Give the dealer details, also give APHS details for these cities wherever available). However, the application requires a trained contractor and hence, we would recommend that you purchase the paint as an application from our dealer who would also help you get in touch with a trained skilled contractor

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