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Q Which Is Better Mode Of Installation : Ducting Or Recycling?

Kitchens hood chimney were invented to be connected to a duct pipe to the outside, and this the type of installation we here at Elica recommend. However, in cases where this isn’t possible, there is no problem installing the filter version. Thanks to their extremely efficient filtering level, carbon filter are perfectly capable of eliminating any bad cooking smell. The important thing is to replace them regularly when necessary.

Q What Level Of M3/H D I Need For My Kitchen?

The idea level of airflow depends on the type of room, on the cook top and also on the cooking habits of the people who use the kitchen. Here is the some example; for people used to preparing to a quick meal, or something simple or vegetarian, in a small kitchen, with cooking that product fumes and vapour in small quantities, then the model to choose is one with an air flow up to 500 to 700 me/h. For a family of three/four people who cook a variety of dishes in a medium size of kitchen, the model to choose should have an air extraction capacity equal to 700/900 m3/h. For a large family, for those who lave cooking as an art, or a lot people are gathered in a specious kitchen to test food that takes long time to prepare, the hood capacity should be 900 and above.

Q How Far From The Cook Top Should The Hood Be Mounted?

Specific standard exist that set the minimum distance from the hood to the cook top. The distance depends on the kind of cook top:65 cm from the electric top 75 cm from the gas top. However, it’s always consulting the instruction manual that comes with the product since the manufacture may; following tests or safety verification, specify different height applications. Not all houses have the same height of ceiling: what Elica solution? All Elica hoods come with telescopic chimneys that are long enough to reach to required height.

Q What A Best Method For Cleaning The Hood Surface?

Correct and accurate cleaning is very important if you want to keep your hood looking beautiful. You should clean your hood regularly, following a few simple guidelines. Use a soft cloth dampened detergent diluted in lukewarm water. An ordinary washing up liquid is fine. If the hood is made of stainless steel, it should be cleaned according to the line of steel brushing. In addition, when using specific product for steel, make sure it is liquid and not a cream or other type of abrasive substance. Above all, it must not contain chlorine. Always remember to try the hood well after cleaning.

Q How Does A Kitchen Hood/Chimney Work?

A kitchen hood chimney is fitted right above the cooking appliance. When switched “on” it sucks all the smoke, oil. Spices etc generated during cooking. All smokes, oils spices etc gets trapped into filters & odour/smoke is re-circulated into kitchen. In case of ducting mode they are thrown out of room through duct.

Q Not All Houses Have The Same Height Of Ceiling: What Elica Solution?

All Elica hoods come with telescopic chimneys that are long enough to reach to required height.

Q What Comes Along With Split Kitchenhood If You Want A External Motor?

The contents of the Split Kitchenhood are as follows, • Internal unit : kitchenhood with all controls except motor. • External unit : Motor unit with Stainless Steel casing having 5 mtr mains cable. • Alluminium flexible ducting pipe max 12 feet length and 6 inch diameter.

Q Why Do All Of The Surface Burners Spark When I Turn One On?

Your spark ignition range will send a spark to all the burners. This is normal for spark ignitions, and you don’t need to worry. Only the burner you turned on will get gas flow and ignite.

Q Can It Be Dangerous To Use Gas?

Gas Appliances are easy to use and need not be dangerous. Periodic Cleaning and Annual Maintenance can ensure that all working components are operating at an optimum level, keeping you safe at all times.

Q Which Utensils Should Be Used On Different Burners?

For lower gas consumption and better yield, use saucepan with diameter suitable for the burners, avoiding the flame coming up round the side of saucepan. Use flat bottom pans.

Q Which Type Of Cooking Ranges Oven Are Preferred & Why?

A gas operated Cooking Range is preferable as the operating cost is significantly Lower. However some customer prefers electrically operated Cooking Range Oven as it gives better temperature accuracy.

Q How Does A Turbo Conventional Fan Works And Which Model Has It?

Our model no. MRN 631 XN has a fan inside the oven chamber. This allows uniform heating, even cooking and less preheating time.

Q What Is The Electric Consumption Of MR 631 XN?

The Max consumption of oven/grill is 2000 watts. Electric hot plate is 1000 watts. Electrical consumption is 3 units per hour approx.

Q Which Models Have Rotisserie?

Our Elica built in oven model, EPB1 605 & EPB1 608 has grill with motorized Rotisserie.

Q Where Can I See All The Models & What Are The Prices?

All major Kitchen appliances Dealers are Elica dealers, hence Elica Brand product are Easily locatable, however you can also get the details by calling on our customer care no 1800 233 0007 or 9243007666.

Q What Is MFC Hob?

MFC stands for multi flame control. This means you can control flame of the inside ring and outside ring of the burner with the same knob. These burners are made of brass . In simple words – possibility to use same burner for Hi flame and low / simmer cooking

Q What Is The Ideal Size Of Hob / Cooktop?

Size of hob or cooktop should be selected considering the size of your kitchen platform and the available work area. Also consider the size of utensils used for cooking. Elica offers you built in hobs in various sizes, 60 cm , 65 cm , 70 cm , 75 cm & 90 cms these sizes indicate the width of hob , depth usually is 50 cms. However you can also choose a low depth hob which will be only 410 mm deep

Q My Battery Operated Auto Ignition Is Not Working?

First, before any operation, disconnects the appliance electrically; check if the battery needs replacement. Second, check if the burners are placed properly on the burner base. Examine the burner rings. Remove anything if stuck in the holes. Be careful not to scratch or damage the ring and cap. Clean all the burner parts, including burner bases Use a cleaning brush with plastic bristles or a firm tooth brush. When done, rinse the parts well with clean water. Dry all the parts thoroughly before re-assembling them.
Reset the spares part properly on duly positions, check the functioning of the burners, If the flame is uneven, be sure that the brass burner ring and burner cap are properly positioned, then check for any remaining dirt or grime on the burner parts or igniters. If erratic igniting is still continuing, make sure the igniters are completely dry. If the unit still exhibits problems after drying, call on our customer care no 1800 233 0007 or 9243007666 or your local Elica Authorized Service Centre

Q What Is A Heat-Guard? How Is It To Be Used? Which Elica Model Has It?

For sufficient circulation of air during grilling, the oven door has to be kept slightly open. In such cases the heat guard which is a rectangular sheet of metal has to be inserted below the control panel. This prevents the control panel from heating. Our model MR 640 XN & MR 90 XN has it.

Q What Are The Special Feature Available In Built In Oven?

All Elica Built in ovens are available with special features, such as, multiple heating Elements, which can be used in various combinations and all Elica built in oven Models have conventional fan for quicker and even heating. Models EPB1 605 & EPB1 608 have cooling fan also.