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Truecaller currently does not have a customer care number.
Any accounts stating to be Truecaller’s customer care number is purely a scam.
Truecaller urge all users to refrain from calling numbers or interacting with accounts that are not associated with our official truecaller support website.

To contact Truecaller customer are, using the follow method :-

Truecaller Online Support Form

Truecaller Email

Truecaller Twitter
@TruecallerHelp, @Truecaller

Truecaller Facebook

Visit to find answers for your questions

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If you love to be spam-free, you’ll also love going ad-free! Truecaller Premium is the best way for upgrading your style of communication.
Go Premium today.

Q I cannot find Truecaller in my Market store?

Q Why am I getting increasingly more spam calls with Truecaller installed?

Q I can't activate my Truecaller account (code is not received)

Which carrier are you with and have you ported(migrated) to another carrier recently?
What is your phone number including country code?
Do you have "DND" (Do Not Disturb) enabled? If yes, please disable it and try again.
Around which time/date did you try to activate Truecaller?

Contact us to share the following information.

Q I marked a number as spam by mistake?

tap into the detail view and tap "unblock" or "not spam" to undo it.

The general spam score will be reduced too.

Q What is Truecaller Premium?

Call recorder - not available on OS 9 as the support has been dropped in the Android 9 system.
Who Viewed My Profile (possible to view in private mode).
Getting rid of ads.
Get the Premium badge beside your avatar.
30 contact requests/month (search for a name -> send contact request and wait for the person to share their number).

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us, we'll be happy to help.

Q Does truecaller cost anything?

However if you want, you can always buy our Premium/Pro membership to unlock some extra features.
Premium/Pro let's you send a certain amount of contacts requests, removes ads in the app and gives you the professional badge on your profile.

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