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Unacademy doesn’t offer support over the call however, you can send them email for any help & support. Or, use the App to report an issue.

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Q Can we create the lessons using our laptop/desktop/PCs?

Q Can we record the videos using screencasting, video camera, pen tablet, mobile camera or other means and use that for uploading?

Q What are the reasons for which an educator will make courses on Unacademy?

Q Will the educator be paid to make these courses?
Q What is the process to become an Unacademy Educator?
The app is self-explanatory. Please make a demo lesson where you are explaining any concept or topic. Our review team will go through your lesson and will either approve the demo or will ask you to remake the demo, with suggestions for improvement. Once your demo 1 is approved, our educator relationship manager team will guide you through the rest of the process.

Q How can I maximize my chance to get approved as an Unacademy Educator?

It also helps if you are an expert in that domain. Please mention at the start of the lesson if you have a prior teaching experience or have prepared/cracked the exam, are a working professional in that domain etc.

Q What are the qualities of some great educators?

<• Domain Expert - They do thorough research on the topic and make sure all the relevant information is included in the lesson and that it is factually and conceptually correct.

• Passionate: They really want to spread their knowledge and are very passionate about teaching. They exude confidence and enthusiasm which is really infectious and our learners love listening to their lessons

• Voice Modulation: They are not monotonous. They vary their voice a lot, so that the learners stay engaged.

• Use of examples, stories, anecdotes: They take a lot of real life examples and stories to enrich the content of their lessons.

• Use of unique teaching methodologies: They use creative diagrams, graphs, charts, mnemonics etc. to ensure that the learners remember the facts and concepts.

Q Can you give us the link of some great educators on Unacademy?
Q What are the topics on which an Educator can create courses?

Q What is the meaning of an Unacademy Lesson?
Q What is the maximum duration of an Unacademy Lesson?

Q What is the meaning of an Unacademy Course?
Q We have seen many educators who go live on Unacademy's YouTube channel? How does that work?

Q When will my course be published/made live?

If your course has 20 or more lessons, we can make live when more than half the lessons are recorded. For example, if you are recording a course with 30 lessons, we can make it live once it has 16 or more lessons.

Exception: Daily/Recurring courses like Daily Newspaper Summary, Daily MCQs based on current affairs etc. are made live on Day 1 with at least 2 lessons.

Q What content can I use to create these courses?

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